Auto Maintenance in Houston, TX

Auto Maintenance in Houston, TX and Surrounding Communities

Routine auto maintenance is key to getting the most miles possible out of your car or truck. As a dealership alternative, you can count on Harting Automotive for professional auto maintenance in Houston for all types of foreign and domestic vehicles. Our team of professional mechanics use high quality parts and fluids to complete scheduled automotive services. When it is time for preventative car care, give us a call or stop by to receive an estimate or to schedule an appointment.

  • Conventional Oil Change
  • Synthetic Oil Change
  • Transmission Fluid Change
  • Coolant Flush
  • Power Steering Flush
  • Brake Fluid Change
  • Air Filter Replacement
  • Fuel Filter Replacement
  • 30/60/90K Maintenance
  • Radiator Hose Replacement
  • Timing Belt Replacement
  • Car Battery Replacement
  • Tire Rotation & Tire Balancing
  • Wheel Alignment
  • Engine Tune Up
  • Automotive Fluid Services

30/60/90K Service

Auto Maintenance in Houston, TXMany modern cars and trucks require factory auto maintenance every 30,000 miles, which is why it is called 30/60/90K service. During these automotive check ups a vehicle may undergo a variety of services to help it run better, longer. This may include checking fluids, battery services, computer auto diagnostics, safety analysis, under hood inspections and more. These services are also necessary to maintain most warranties. Give us a call to schedule 30-60-90K services when your car's odometer hits the mark.

Full Service Oil Change

Harting Automotive offers a fast oil change service for all cars and trucks. Whether you need a conventional oil change or a synthetic oil change, you can count on our team to keep your car running smooth. Our full service oil change includes a new oil filter and a car inspection, which allows us to inform you of any potential issues. Remember, most cars require an oil change every 3,000 to 5,000 miles, but some cars can go longer. Give us a call to find out how often your make and model should have its engine oil changed.

Belts & Hoses

Under the hood of your car you will find a variety of rubber belts and hoses. These integral components are prone to wearing out as the miles add up. Harting Automotive provides a belt and hose inspection service, as well as replacement of the serpentine belt, radiator hose, timing belt and other critical rubber parts. When your car is due for scheduled car maintenance, be sure to come see us.

Automotive Fluid Services

All cars and trucks rely on specialized fluids to operate. It's important that these fluids are clean and clear of any contaminants, which is why they need to be drained and refilled at certain mileage points. This service is often referred to as an automotive fluid flush. Our team can complete a coolant flush, transmission fluid flush, brake fluid flush, power steering flush or a differential flush. When you need car fluid services in Houston, be sure to visit Harting Automotive.

Car Tune Up Services

Car Tune Up ServicesIf your car or truck just doesn't seem to be running right, then it may be time for an automotive tune up. Our auto mechanics are skilled at completing engine tune ups for all cars and trucks. This may include minor auto maintenance, such as replacing spark plugs, installing new ignition coils, cleaning the fuel injection unit, replacing the air filter and fuel filter or other routine services that help restore performance and fuel economy.

When it is time for auto maintenance in Houston, it's time to visit Harting Automotive. Our full service auto shop is dedicated to providing fast, effective and affordable automotive services for drivers of all makes and models. Give us a call at (713) 688-0967 to request an estimate for the cost of car maintenance in Houston.

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